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Hardware, Embedded Systems "We've seen a profusion of relatively low-cost PCs and tablets over the last few years, but Taiwanese electronics company Via's APC is cheap even by these standards: it's a $49 low-power desktop computer running a modified version of Android 2.3. Announced today, the APC is meant as a simple way to connect to the internet, so you won't get a great deal of computing power. It contains an 800MHz processor, 512MB of DDR3 memory, 2GB of flash storage, and can connect to a monitor or TV to output a resolution of up to 720p. It also consumes a fraction of a standard desktop's power: 13.5 watts at maximum and only 4 watts when idle."
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Well I've been using mine to hunt North Koreans in Crysis but I've found...well...kinda a side effect. I've been hearing that dang computer voice going "Maximum Armor..Maximum Strength..Maximum Speed..Cloak Engaged" in my damned sleep ;-)

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Could be always worse, for example: ;p (and that propaganda clip still misses ~"democracy is truth, communism is death!")

Though since the new Great Leader(tm) announced some PRC-style economic reforms, we'll probably see "Made in DPRK" quite often in a few years - the mixture of capitalist consumer market & totalitarian workforce seems to be the recipe for "big success"(tm) in our world...

PS. WRT the general silliness of pop-cultural PRC/DPRK depictions, I wonder how ridiculous the new Red Dawn will be... at the very least, I think it's safe to say that much more ridiculous than the original. BTW, the recent Tomorrow, When the War Began is surprisingly decent - also with some Rambo-style ridiculousness of course, but still kinda less than even the original Red Dawn, IMHO; sort of trying to depict actual humans and how they behave, how they would likely act in such situation, for most of the film at least...

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