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Intel You'd think this sort of stuff belonged to the past - but no. Apparently, Microsoft is afraid of Android on its Windows 8 tablets, because Intel has just announced that it will provide no support for Linux on its clover Trail processors. Supposedly, this chip is "designed for Windows 8". What?
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RE[8]: Comment by stabbyjones
by oper on Sat 15th Sep 2012 14:28 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by stabbyjones"
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Actually Email and other communication mechanisms fall under that situation. They are protocols defined by RFC documents, and they exist way before open source.

No, they don't exist way before open source :-) . Open source in software exists at least since the 1950s, when IBM published the source code of mainframes to people and the SHARE user group shared their code libraries. (that page contains a link to IBM 7090/94 IBSYS source, including COBOL and FORTRAN compilers.)

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Exactly. The OP is probably confusing the actual practice of opening source code with the time frame when the term FOSS was coined and ignoring that back in the 1970's when most of these RFC were being drafted a lot of source code was shared freely in academic environments.

Until the late seventies software was widely regarded as a means to sell hardware and as such nobody really cared about users fiddling with source code except of course technical-minded people that enjoyed developing new stuff on top of the existing code and share their enhancements.

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RE[9]: Comment by stabbyjones
by moondevil on Sat 15th Sep 2012 16:18 in reply to "RE[8]: Comment by stabbyjones"
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I mean open source as it is known today.

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