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Google There's a bit of a story going on between Google, Acer, and Alibaba, a Chinese mobile operating system vendor. Acer wanted to ship a device with Alibaba's operating system, but Google asked them not to, and Acer complied. The reason is that Acer is a member of the Open Handset Alliance, which prohibits the promotion of non-standard Android implementations - exactly what Alibaba is shipping. On top of that, Alibaba's application store hosts pirated Android applications, including ones from Google.
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RE[7]: Interesting
by Laurence on Mon 17th Sep 2012 07:14 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Interesting"
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? Interesting that Google barely mentions piracy saying: "The fact is, Aliyun uses the Android runtime, framework and tools. And your app store contains Android apps (including pirated Google apps). So there’s really no disputing that Aliyun is based on the Android platform and takes advantage of all the hard work that’s gone into that platform by the OHA."

Basically Google is saying that Aliyun OS is a copy of Android (On top of the piracy which is the last thing mentioned) And Alibaba is saying its not and should not be covered under the OHA and also that their App store is open where people can put up whatever.

Google have a clear case for preventing Alibaba via the OHA. They'd have a tougher time (and one that would likely result in lengthy court battles) if they tried to stop Alibaba via the piracy route.

You're putting Google in a no win scenario: you moan when Google use polite methods to crack down, and you'd bitch even more if Google took this whole thing to court. Much like how people like you whine about fragmentation in Android and then whine when Google try to fix it. It's as if you have nothing better to do than just moan about Android.

The part of the Oracle argument that I am bringing up is that Google's version of Java is copy of Oracles Java.

Clearly you don't understand how Java works.

Google used the Java language and built their own runtime from scratch - which is akin to taking the French language and writing a novel in it. Google did not copy Oracles Java software in any way shape nor form (that case had been through the courts and Google were cleared on all counts). Oracle just got greedy because Google's reimplementation meant that Google didn't have to pay royalties for JRE licences and it was suggested to Oracle during the Sun acquisition talks that there was potential ground for litigation there.

So if you think languages can be intellectual property, then I'll copyright Latin and sue every single person on this site - starting with yourself. But clearly that would just be absurd - just as Oracles claims that the language Java is IP or your claims that Google copied Oracles runtime.

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