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Intel You'd think this sort of stuff belonged to the past - but no. Apparently, Microsoft is afraid of Android on its Windows 8 tablets, because Intel has just announced that it will provide no support for Linux on its clover Trail processors. Supposedly, this chip is "designed for Windows 8". What?
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RE[6]: Comment by stabbyjones
by Neolander on Mon 17th Sep 2012 09:14 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by stabbyjones"
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How do you propose to make money out of free software?

In many European countries a software developer gets to earn at least 1000€ per month.

What is your proposal to have a company developing free software, server side, desktop, embedded, whatever platform, while being able to pay the developers and the usual monthly costs?

For the typical answer of offering the software and asking money for support and trainings, what do you do to keep your company alive, when I take your free software and charge less for support?

Free software in a GNU sense ? I don't know. But for open-source software, I'd suggest granting every licensee access to the software source code for private use, and keeping as many redistribution rights on derivatives as you need for yourself.

As far as I'm concerned, source code should always be available alongside software, but free redistribution of said source and its derivatives is a separate matter.

In fact, I've recently worked on a software license draft that attempts to separate both concerns better than current OSS licenses. I will soon submit it to the OSI in order to get lawyer review, and to discuss other potential issues with their licensing gurus. If all is good, and I get OSI approval, I'll then submit something about it on OSnews.

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