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Google There's a bit of a story going on between Google, Acer, and Alibaba, a Chinese mobile operating system vendor. Acer wanted to ship a device with Alibaba's operating system, but Google asked them not to, and Acer complied. The reason is that Acer is a member of the Open Handset Alliance, which prohibits the promotion of non-standard Android implementations - exactly what Alibaba is shipping. On top of that, Alibaba's application store hosts pirated Android applications, including ones from Google.
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RE[10]: Wait a minute
by jared_wilkes on Mon 17th Sep 2012 14:47 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Wait a minute"
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Stating Aliyun is not a Android fork but using just some opensource parts of Android. And my cat eat my homework. Sureeeeeee.

Why isn't that perfectly reasonable? (I'm not suggesting that I actually believe Alibaba, but I think that's a perfectly reasonable arguement.)

For example, Google argues that OHA members can use competing OSes but not parts of Android. But non-OHA members are perfectly free to emulate Android apps and/or include AOSP code in their OSes. Does that mean that OHA members may someday be forbidden from using competing OSes? Certainly, it's a reasonable possibility -- the only question is when Google would decide to move the line again. One would wonder how quickly BlackBerry could be considered "against the rules."

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