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Microsoft Microsoft Office 2013 has received its pricetags. Home and Student - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote - is $140, while Home and Business, which adds Outlook into the mix, is $220. Professional jumps to a whopping $400, but adds Access and Publisher. For $100 per year, you can get the subscription version, which can be installed on up to 5 PCs (both Windows and OS X PCs). In related news, Microsoft still thinks it's 2001.
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RE[2]: Numbers
by Phloptical on Tue 18th Sep 2012 03:17 UTC in reply to "RE: Numbers"
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Fortunately for MS, there are many CIOs out there that would rather pony up the upgrade money, than go through the hassle of migrating to OpenLibre Office while then fighting back the rabble coming after them with pitchforks and torches. The professional world doesn't care about free and monopolies, they want their damn powerpoints to work.

Don't get me wrong, I use Libre Office here at home, but at work, I would rather run through a board meeting naked than push to offer up an alternative that's 85% compatible, at best.

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RE[3]: Numbers
by PieterGen on Tue 18th Sep 2012 09:52 in reply to "RE[2]: Numbers"
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I'm a longtime Open/Libre Office user as well. And also MS Office, I've had a lot of jobs. (I prefer Libre for text and MS for spreadsheets, Excell is one of the few decent MS programs, can't use Excell on my home computers though because I only have Linux boxes at home).

LibreOffice is 100% compatible to ODF standards. And of course it is not completely compatible to MS Office, which deliberately messes with compatibility.

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RE[4]: Numbers
by jessesmith on Tue 18th Sep 2012 11:11 in reply to "RE[3]: Numbers"
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I just want to point out that MS-Office runs on Linux with WINE. If you really need/want a specific Excel feature I've found Office 2012 runs perfectly on Linux using WINE or CrossOver.

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