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Microsoft Microsoft Office 2013 has received its pricetags. Home and Student - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote - is $140, while Home and Business, which adds Outlook into the mix, is $220. Professional jumps to a whopping $400, but adds Access and Publisher. For $100 per year, you can get the subscription version, which can be installed on up to 5 PCs (both Windows and OS X PCs). In related news, Microsoft still thinks it's 2001.
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I For One Welcome Our New Overlords
by maxpower on Tue 18th Sep 2012 03:57 UTC
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Say what you will, but we just moved a 20 person small business to Office 365 and they love it. I know that I will have no problem explaining what the subscription service gets them and I'm sure there will be plenty of small to medium sized businesses coming along for the ride. This is a play to try to keep from losing all the businesses to Google at this point.

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why office365 and not Google apps ?
In a word.

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To add more words I suspect that it is safe to assume that the "moved" in the grandparent refers to going from Office to Office 365. Depending on the subscription this may include licenses for the desktop applications, for which the Google Apps aren't really a full replacement. Beyond that part the Office web apps also integrate better with both regular Office and other Microsoft products (Sharepoint). Finally the price of Office isn't all that high in the grand scheme of things, so even very small inefficiencies with switching to Google Docs are enough to not make it worth it.

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Not a user of Office365, so I can't say how good (or bad) is.

But I have used Google Docs and it's just a bad joke. Useful if you only need to write simple letters and do a few calculations using an spreadsheet, but if you need it to do real work (at least, the kind of work I do) is totally useless. It's too limited and not flexible enough. Maybe that's the reason to use Office 365 instead of Google Docs.

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