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Windows "Asus has a trio of Windows 8 tablets on deck for the holidays, but the pricing is so high - $599 to $1299 for a hybrid - that it's going to be nearly impossible to compete in the marketplace. We were leaked Asus' holiday roadmap and the slide below tells the tale." If this is for real, Windows 8 is screwed in the tablet space. Nobody is going to buy a Windows tablet at prices higher than the iPad.
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Google needs to step up.
by dsmogor on Tue 18th Sep 2012 19:25 UTC
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and merge Android and Chrome os for such devices.
They've got basics right, they have stable Linux + app/drivers ABI thing on Arm and now x86. Everything Linux always needed on the desktop.

On could add X11 backward compat. on top of surface flinger to get some apps for starters or finally embrace QT (better late than never).
They need to add 1st class support for keyboard / mouse in their GUI.
From the basic Clover info docs it looks Win8 will have edge in power management department. That has to be sorted out too, Google should work with Intel here.

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What doesn't work well on Android with keyboard and mouse? I've run it this way without any obvious problems.

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