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Windows "Asus has a trio of Windows 8 tablets on deck for the holidays, but the pricing is so high - $599 to $1299 for a hybrid - that it's going to be nearly impossible to compete in the marketplace. We were leaked Asus' holiday roadmap and the slide below tells the tale." If this is for real, Windows 8 is screwed in the tablet space. Nobody is going to buy a Windows tablet at prices higher than the iPad.
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To be fair it wasn't her choice, as the gym makes the employees use them.

Same thing with a Japanese restaurant chain in Germany that uses iPads for the menus. Think about that, an iPad per table just to allow the people to use an app, instead of a paper menu.

Last year in Helsinki I saw a similar iPad usage in a cocktail bar.

I really think it is ridiculous to spend 500 euros to replace a paper menu, per table, but what do I know about first world problems?!

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Is it ridiculous? Maybe. Maybe not.

If it is only the menu then its just a gimmick. But it might include ordering and easy ways to get the attention of the wait staff or to pay the bill. If the app lets them serve more customers with fewer wait staff that is a win. If they can get higher customer satisfaction that is also a win.

If they lose a lot of iPads to drops or spills that may be a loss.

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A win?

If I do the math for 500 euros per table, I can easily reach an amount of several thousands euros, given the size of both places I've mentioned.

For something that does not do more that show a glorified version of a paper menu. You cannot even access the Internet.

Then I think how many people try to survive with their low incomes, while wannabe trendy places do this kind of thing.

I don't get it.

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