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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Stephen Elop only has a few months to show he can turn Nokia around if he is to survive but the new smartphone is unlikely to woo customers back from Apple and Samsung. Investors and analysts say the chief executive has until early 2013 to prove he made the right choice by partnering with Microsoft Windows or his future at the loss-making company will be called into question." Well, I'll be doing my part. I'm buying a 920.
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RE: I am doing my part well
by johntdaly on Wed 19th Sep 2012 16:49 UTC in reply to "I am doing my part well"
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Fuck Android!
The sad thing is I HAVE an android phone and I LIKE it too, but I would really like to see another OS besides iOS and Android on the market. Android is getting too strong for my taste and Java is beginning to become a problem. Oracle suing Google over Java was a big mistake. What are the chances of Java 8 hitting Android as a dev platform now? Android was the only place I would consider using Java and now I don't think the changes sorely needed to make Java TOLERABLE probably won't make it into Android anytime soon if ever. Thanks Oracle! Your boneheadedness has done more to hurt Java than anything since Visual J++!
Now I WANT another platform besides iOS and Android, I just don't want Windows. With Windows, Office and their Dev tools Microsoft haven’t given me the feeling they actually know where they are heading and as a developer I don't want them to become successful on smart phones. Right now I at least have c/c++, OpenGL ES, SQLite running on Unix on iOS and on Andorid. The success of Windows phone would only make life for me as developer worse in my opinion. Right now I am hoping RIM will take of as the third platform with Blackberry 10.
Besides how funny and fucked up would it be to see RIM licensing Blackberry (looking ever more likely) to other manufacturers just to see Nokia running QT (just on QNX instead of Symbian or Linux) on their smart phones around this time next year?

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RE[2]: I am doing my part well
by cdude on Thu 20th Sep 2012 11:26 in reply to "RE: I am doing my part well"
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Good point about de facto standards like OpenGL ES you will find on *ANY* platform out there including Windows Desktop but not on Windows Phone.

That makes them so incompatible to industry standards that as user and developer I have to ask: WTF? And conclude: Without me! May they fail on there own paper formats while the rest of the world uses letter, A4, etc.

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RE[2]: I am doing my part well
by pos3 on Thu 20th Sep 2012 16:20 in reply to "RE: I am doing my part well"
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I would not disagree with you ;) I would have preferred meego but do not want a windows dominance.

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