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Intel Clover Trail will get Linux and Android support after all. "Intel has plans for another version of this platform directed at Linux/Android; however we are not commenting on the platform specifics or market segments at this time. Stay tuned," Intel told ZDBet.
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To me, it sounds like they are throwing a bone at Linux/Android world, but just so Linuxers cannot cry foul.
In the meanwhile, they'll proceed doing bu$ine$$ with Microsoft.

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I wonder why, why do they care what OS runs on their CPUs? The more that do the more that Intel sells.

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Microsoft is probably one of the few software vendors that can say to Intel "I can bring my customer base to your platform (if you promise to kick other OSes out of the game). Otherwise I'll give my blessings on a different architecture".
So for Intel can be an aut-aut between MS (and its court) and a bunch of random OEMs

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I don't think that translating "We plan to create a custom version of this product specifically targeting the Linux market" to "We hate Linux" is reasonable.

Creating and marketing a CPU product is too expensive to be a "bone", and the Android phone and tablet market is far too ubiquitous and growing far too fast to treat with disdain. That's where the money is, after all.

It's simply not a Microsoft world anymore.

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