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Windows "Asus has a trio of Windows 8 tablets on deck for the holidays, but the pricing is so high - $599 to $1299 for a hybrid - that it's going to be nearly impossible to compete in the marketplace. We were leaked Asus' holiday roadmap and the slide below tells the tale." If this is for real, Windows 8 is screwed in the tablet space. Nobody is going to buy a Windows tablet at prices higher than the iPad.
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RE[2]: Tablet pricing
by bassbeast on Thu 20th Sep 2012 20:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Tablet pricing"
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A EEE 1225B? I got one of the 1215Bs, great little unit. I stuck with the Win HP X64 it came with but with 8Gb of RAM its more like an ultraportable than a netbook and just cost me $350 with the RAM upgrade and a carrying case, just love the thing.

But if they think they are gonna sell Win 8 pads for MORE than an iPad? I wonder if they'd be interested in some magic beans. Apple sells because of branding and Windows has never been and will never be a hip brand, no matter how much Ballmer wants to change that. Windows has ALWAYS sold best on low margin, high volume units only now MSFT has priced themselves out of the market because when you can get a tablet running ICS for $99, who is gonna pay $600+ for a Win 8 one?

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