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Intel Clover Trail will get Linux and Android support after all. "Intel has plans for another version of this platform directed at Linux/Android; however we are not commenting on the platform specifics or market segments at this time. Stay tuned," Intel told ZDBet.
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RE[3]: Comment by Gusar
by bassbeast on Sat 22nd Sep 2012 09:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Gusar"
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Check out OpenELEC, seems to be working just fine. i built a couple of E350s and everything played nice and smooth in both 720 and 1080, no hassle. And I'm sorry but Intel GPUs still sucketh, they just aren't very good and are still several generations behind what Nvidia and AMD have coming out.

Finally you still ignored the elephant in the room which is Intel STILL cripples the chips, no support for decent amounts of RAM (last specs I saw was still limited to 2gb, AMD has minimum 4Gb and most support 8Gb) and things like GPU turbo again missing.

So if you wanna pay more for a weaker hamstringed chip that is your business, but I have NO doubt that the Bobcat II is gonna curbstomp it. Oh and you can buy Bobcat one NOW at just $125 with a nice case and PSU, look at the Intel offerings, they charge more for less.

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RE[4]: Comment by Gusar
by Gusar on Sat 22nd Sep 2012 10:39 in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Gusar"
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I'm only interested in netbooks, while you're talking about HTPC. Different use cases. You don't really need to care about power management for example, while on a netbook it's very important for battery life.

Also, for a netbook even a gen7 GPU is plenty. My current netbook has a GMA950 (gen3)! Not to mention with Intel I don't have hassles with either an incomplete open driver or a problematic closed one, as would be the case with AMD graphics.

And I know ValleyView is still quite a long way away. But it was clear from my first post that I have no problem waiting for it. So saying that Bobcat is available now is a non-argument, it's irrelevant for my specific case.

The other stuff you mention, like RAM, also not relevant for me. I have only 2GB even in my desktop, it's plenty enough. And my current netbook chugs along with just 1GB.
Finally, price: When I look at netbooks, current Intel offerings are cheaper or same price compared to AMD. Yeah they have PowerVR GPUs, so out of the question for me, but still.

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RE[5]: Comment by Gusar
by bassbeast on Sun 23rd Sep 2012 03:13 in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Gusar"
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Uhhh...I paid $350 for mine WITH the RAM on Amazon, and that was for a nice 12 inch EEE with the E350, seriously dude how cheap do you want? If you are wanting bargain basement you should just go here and snatch an off lease or return, they had a C60 last week for $145, you just have to watch and see what they get..

And 2Gb in 2012 is just pathetic man, REALLY pathetic, especially when you consider the ONLY reason the chip only supports 2Gb is its pre-crippled. it also doesn't have the advanced speedstep either, whereas Bobcat not only has their own version of Speedstep there is a OSS program called "Brazos Tweaker" where you can alter the P-states and get even lower power draw, really sweet if you need crazy battery life.

Now I know all about Bobcat in netbooks, as I say i have the EEE 1215B which is a sweetheart. gets 6 hours on a charge playing 720p video, can go longer just websurfing if I kill BT, and even comes with an Android style Linux called Expressgate which there are several tutorials on how to tweak and add your own apps to. as it is if you only want to surf and listen to music its great and gets crazy battery life, close to 9 hours when I was playing with it.

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