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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 12.10 will include advertisements for products on Amazon. It will look like this - if you search, product suggestions will pop up. This seems like a rather slippery slope to me, and I certainly wouldn't want this on my desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or anywhere else. On the web - fine, I'm on your site, not mine - but my desktop is mine, and mine alone. Not that it matters - open source, someone will disable them. Biggest concern: does this mean my search queries get sent across the web?
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I used 'WIMP' as a shortcut to the traditional, document-centric desktop. With their application-centered model, overlay modes, aversion to menus and configuration options for the user both Unity and Gnome Shell change the user's workflow in a very deep way.

Unity happens to be a little better on the UI side (you can still have icons on the desktop, indicators, lenses and lots of small interesting features), but worse on the technical side (Gnome Shell feels faster, less resource intensive), but 1) many users didn't feel at home in either of them (my impression after reading reviews and thousands of comments on forums and blogs, plus my personal experience with all my Linux-using friends: not one is using either atm) 2) the fragmentation and the waste of resources that ensued don't bode well for future development of either.

At the moment I'm using Cinnamon 1.6 and I'm reasonably happy with it, hoping that will pick up the most innovative features while letting me do things in a sane way.

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