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Gnome "Gnome 3 has received a lot of disapproval of late, from the Gnome foundation being charged with not taking care of its users, or losing mindshare, to Gnome 3 itself being an unusable mess. I've been using Gnome 3 myself for a few months to sort the truth from the fiction, and to try and understand just how the Gnome foundation expects their newest shell to be used. I will end with some thoughts on how Gnome 3 can be improved. The review will require a fairly lengthy preface, however."
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I have some criticisms in the review, but I think the Gnome 3 haters really need to get their hands dirty and give in depth criticisms: either stuff that can be improved or solid reasons why this approach should be abandoned altogether.

Here is where you are wrong. Nobody needs to convince the Gnome developers that they have to adopt another vision than they have for Gnome 3. People either adopt it or they don't.

The people who don't adopt it should stop leveling criticism at Gnome 3. This desktop wasn't written for them. Gnome 2 is dead, long live the myriad of alternatives.

The other side of the medal might be that Gnome 3 shouldn't expect to take the same leading position with the distro's it had with Gnome 2. After all, nobody is obligated to adopt Gnome 3. (The jury is still out on the question if Gnome 3 including Shell is loved by the majority).

Personally, I like most parts of Gnome 3 and I think those parts are substantial improvements. I even like the infrastructure that was written for and is underpinning Gnome Shell, but Gnome Shell itself... My personal opinion is that Gnome Shell should be incinerated at 5778 K, but I don't have to use Shell to use the rest of Gnome 3, so I've come to terms with Shell's existence and I can leave it to the people that do like this interface.

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Fair cop, I guess I do agree with that.

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