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General Development "I've been programming professionally for about 3 years at this point, and I've noticed some interesting patterns in other programmers I've worked with. One of the key differentiators among programmers is motivation. I'm not referring to an individual's passion to simply be successful in their career, but rather the type of work they want to pursue. The thing they want to do with computers every day, the types of problems they are interested in solving."
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Personality typing makes me sad.

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Aye. What if you're the type of person who reacts badly to being asked by an employer to take an intrusive personality test so they can better manage you? How does that person fit into their system? I've seen people take test that and thereafter act up the role they were assigned, much as what happens with horoscopes.

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They make me happy ;)

I'm sure I just dismissed them when I went to high school. Apparently everyone knew about it. I only began understanding it recently when my manager brought it up.

It's very useful actually.
Being an INTJ I am always so insanely focused on does this work. It used to bug me why other people weren't so focused on does it work. I understand a little bit now... and the downsides of my own thinking.

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