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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless On the same day I bought a brand new iMac and switched back to Mac (no joke!), and teased the employees at the Apple retailer with my Galaxy SII, Samsung goes around and pulls something idiotic like this. TouchWiz, Samsung's Android skin, has a very severe flaw which passes digits along from JavaScript (via their modified browser) to the modified dialler, allowing your device to be factory reset (!) by just visiting a link - via NFC, QR, or plain. This doesn't affect all Samsung devices, but those that are affected are all TouchWiz devices. This just proves once again that you should either buy Nexus, or make the switch to Cyanogenmod (or any of the other AOSP-based ROMs).
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1) I need it now (work depends on it).
2) no early adopter issues.
3) those new ones can easily be 4-5-6 weeks away for Dutch folk. Can't go that long without income.
4) there's always something new right around the corner. I don't live my life based on that.

Yes, I had three computers die in a few months' time.

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How about buying computers you can easily repair yourself? (makes sense when your work depends on it IMO)

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And, out of curiosity too, why switch back to Mac now ? Considering Apple's recent actions, it doesn't sound like the perfect timing to reward them with money.

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