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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Right now, the mobile wars have just two major combatants: Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Nokia could yet make Windows Phone a serious third player, but there are also a few more minor actors with the potential to disrupt the market. Jolla is the most mysterious of those players, which also include Firefox OS and Open WebOS. Jolla (a Finnish word for a small sailing boat) arose from the ashes of Nokia and Intel's MeeGo project, canned in favour of Microsoft's mobile OS. The Linux-based OS has not been shown off yet, but Jolla has already scored a deal with China's top phone distributor, DPhone. The first Jolla device is due later this year, so to find out more I spoke with the company's chief executive, ex-Nokian Jussi Hurmola." Please let Jolla succeed. Pretty please with sugar on top. The industry needs this. Please.
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The industry needs this?
by Lion on Wed 26th Sep 2012 05:05 UTC
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I genuinely don't see why the industry needs this? Please inform me?
iOS and Android have established sufficient foothold that neither one is going away in a hurry. The smartphone space has matured to a point where it's probably too late to gain a sizeable chunk of marketshare with a new platform.
The more platforms out there fighting over the scraps left by the market leaders, the less viable each new one becomes as a commercial proposition.
If phones (like PCs) allowed for movement between multiple OSes then I could see the point in things like this as at least a hobbyist effort, but in absence of that it strikes me as encouraging a duopoly rather than fighting one.
If I am wrong, or missing the point here, please show me why?

edit: what I think would be more useful to the industry would be an agreement on some kind of hardware standard by the smaller players, allowing people to play with the various alternatives.

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RE: The industry needs this?
by spiderman on Wed 26th Sep 2012 06:55 in reply to "The industry needs this?"
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The smartphone market is not mature at all. Current phones are crap. The phones companies iterate their model lines every 3 months. People replace their phone every year to get the next one. Phones from 3 month ago are obsolete. The phone market has been very competitive in the last 15 years and still is. Current top sellers are not guaranteed to be the next one. Today it seems that nothing can stop Samsung and yesterday it seemed that Nokia was an unstopable train and previously Erikson, Sagem, Alcatel, etc... In 1 to 2 years all current phones will be completely obsolete and you don't know which company will be at the top. You can't imagine what phones will look like in 3 years but you will laugh at what you considered to be a good phone today.

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unclefester Member since:

You can't imagine what phones will look like in 3 years but you will laugh at what you considered to be a good phone today.

Phones like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII will be probably be considered entry level models in three years.

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RE: The industry needs this?
by dsmogor on Wed 26th Sep 2012 11:02 in reply to "The industry needs this?"
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The only way I see it is if given platform delivers qualities not possible on current competition.
Both IOS and Android have a weak spots. IOS is naturally restricted by Apple devices premium status, Android is weak on tablets. Both platforms suck in power management.
Both platforms support limited set of form factors (Android somehow better). Multitasking on Android is ok but could still be improved. Both platforms are predominantly focused on cloud integration, a goal that may not make sense in every context.

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RE[2]: The industry needs this?
by ebasconp on Wed 26th Sep 2012 16:02 in reply to "RE: The industry needs this?"
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Dominating third world emerging markets and huge markets (like China and India) will drive any other company/platform/OS into a big player.

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RE: The industry needs this?
by shmerl on Thu 27th Sep 2012 01:40 in reply to "The industry needs this?"
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Because normal Linux is way better (technically) than dumbed down Android, and because it's way more open than barbed wired iOS. Both are big pluses for developers.

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