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Apple "It seems like people really hate the new Maps in iOS 6. Now, I'm not disputing that Maps does give a lot of strange results to a lot of people all around the world, but for a large, large number of people, iOS 6 Maps has been a huge improvement over Google Maps. I'm talking about those of us who live in China (you know, the place with 1.3+ billion people and the second-largest economy in the world)." Fascinating.
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RE[2]: Two mapping strategies
by Tony Swash on Wed 26th Sep 2012 12:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Two mapping strategies"
Tony Swash
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Excellent. Then they can enter into an agreement with Tomtom to license their map data and end this ridiculous farce. Apple do not have enough data to even come close to competing with Google maps. They could get it. If, in fact, Apple are more free to license such data then why the hell do we even have this problem? They're already licensing Tomtom's turn-by-turn engine, after all.
Remember, just because Apple might be more free to enter such agreements doesn't mean they want to enter said agreements.

I think they do want it and I can't see why they wouldn't but I suspect the whole process is bit like getting the iTunes music library going when the initial negotiations with the labels, with Apple touting an unproven product, was quite tortuous but once iTunes was successful it got easier. The negotiations between Apple and the various owners of TV and film rights is probably even closer to the reality of what is going on now with map data because the music labels were up against the wall of Napster and it's clones while the movie crowd seem to want to try to tough it out more and are much harder to bring on board.

Negotiating these sort of numerous and particular data sharing deals takes a lot of time and resources, but now Apple has V1 of maps done, and it will be on tens of millions of devices in the next few weeks, hopefully it can push ahead and get lots more data deals agreed.

I hope they do not because I want Apple to succeed or Google to fail but because I think having two big players in mobile mapping is better than having just one and because if it works Apple's new model could open up some exciting developments.

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