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Windows has just posted their 45-page, 40-screenshot review of Microsoft Windows 8. The review covers many different aspects of the OS including performance, security, application compatibility, and more. "Is Windows 8 a hit or miss? It's a hit, it is clearly Microsoft's most bold development in years, it probably beats out the transition from Program Manager (Windows 3X) to Windows 95, the move from Windows 9x to the NT Kernel. The Windows 8 platform represents so many things: truly touch centric, support for modern processor architectures, fast and fluid as Microsoft puts it and also represents where the majority of the world is heading when it comes to computing, entirely mobile."
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by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 26th Sep 2012 20:54 UTC
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It made me switch back to Mac.

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RE: Well...
by jbauer on Wed 26th Sep 2012 21:06 in reply to "Well..."
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It made me switch back to Mac.

Did your Windows 7 suddenly stop working? ;)

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RE[2]: Well...
by ze_jerkface on Thu 27th Sep 2012 19:29 in reply to "RE: Well..."
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Fair point but I could see some switching out of spite.

It's the people on the fence that Windows 8 will push over to the Mac.

I could also expect some new server rollouts going to Linux over this. Word on the street is that CIOs are pissed over Windows 8 since Microsoft hasn't explained how user training costs will be offset (answer: they won't be, this is a dumb plan to take on the iPad). Treating high value customers with disdain is a poor business strategy. A single CIO usually gets the final say in an internal MS vs Open Source debate. Oh and on top of it all Server 2012 has that same metro screen that polls have shown that people don't want. I have no doubt that Linux will pick up some extra web server and intranet portal installations over this.

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RE: Well...
by ronaldst on Wed 26th Sep 2012 23:16 in reply to "Well..."
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It made me switch back to OS/2.

Seriously, waiting the end of october feels like forever. Sexy tablet please come to me.

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RE: Well...
by Sauron on Thu 27th Sep 2012 05:22 in reply to "Well..."
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It made me switch back to Mac.

You poor soul! ;)

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RE: Well...
by bassbeast on Sun 30th Sep 2012 09:36 in reply to "Well..."
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Question: What was wrong with Win 7? Because I can honestly say it was the first Windows OS since Win2K Pro where I could say without hesitation "You should be using this over previous versions, i don't care who you are".

I personally loved WinXP X64 but I just couldn't say that, too few drivers for the more offbeat hardware and the cost of RAM at the time made it not worth it to the average PC owner but with 7 I could point out a laundry list of good things, jumplists and breadcrumbs making it beyond simple to get back to where you were last working, Aero snap made file operations like comparing folder contents easy, Readyboost let you move small I/Os to any flash stick thus giving you better performance, WMC with Internet TV making net TV easy, MSFT FINALLY putting some real common sense into memory management and using RAM as a cache when not in use instead of pounding the paging file, i could go on and on.

So if it was the choice of going Mac or sticking with XP or worse Vista? then i could see it. But Win 7 is the first MSFT OS in ages where its got something that will be useful to just about anyone, its solid and runs well and is just a pleasure to use, so why go Mac?

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