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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Right now, the mobile wars have just two major combatants: Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Nokia could yet make Windows Phone a serious third player, but there are also a few more minor actors with the potential to disrupt the market. Jolla is the most mysterious of those players, which also include Firefox OS and Open WebOS. Jolla (a Finnish word for a small sailing boat) arose from the ashes of Nokia and Intel's MeeGo project, canned in favour of Microsoft's mobile OS. The Linux-based OS has not been shown off yet, but Jolla has already scored a deal with China's top phone distributor, DPhone. The first Jolla device is due later this year, so to find out more I spoke with the company's chief executive, ex-Nokian Jussi Hurmola." Please let Jolla succeed. Pretty please with sugar on top. The industry needs this. Please.
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RE[3]: The industry needs this?
by dsmogor on Thu 27th Sep 2012 09:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The industry needs this?"
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Agree, language barrier along with limited access to relevant services and content diminishes a lot of value present in incumbent ecosystems. Its reliance on heavy mobile data makes it even less relevant.
That's definitely an opportunity for new entrants.
Android has shown that being free (and to some extent open source) has big impact enabling the whole segments of the industry making low cost devices make jump to producing smart phones. There are countless companies assembling those and they couldn't be bothered signing separate deals with some big oversees OS providers for every phone they push given week.

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