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Windows NeoSmart Technologies has released a new version of EasyBCD, the free bootloader editor for Windows which supports Windows 8, the latest GRUB2 distributions, EFI machines, and comes with all-new support for 13 different languages. If you have a Windows-based multiboot machine, you really need EasyBCD. It's a fantastic application.
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RE[8]: Good link
by moondevil on Thu 27th Sep 2012 09:18 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Good link"
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Whether it's a wordprocessor that you need to let access your documents folders (both local and remote) or a VOIP application that a user wants running on start-up, you will have to give it permission to access something outside of its own resources unless you want to end up like the Apple app stores.

This is actually the way to go, to certain extent.

The wordprocessor does not need to be a single executable.

It can be composed by several executables, each with its own set of relevant permissions. Similar to what chrome or the new sandboxed quicktime player do.

The executable that reads/writes from the file system, is not the same executable responsible for editing the document.

All executables that compose a single logical application, communicate between each other via local RPC.

This makes it way harder to own the application.

But sure, it increases the complexity of development, and many developers are not smart enough to deal with this type of distributed architectures.

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