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Linux "I was in a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon and happened to spot Linus Torvalds sitting alone at a window table. I asked the creator of the Linux operating system and the Git source code control system if I could join him. Over the next fifteen minutes we talked about programming and programmers." Editor's Note: We've realized it's unclear whether this is a satirical interview or not. We don't know, so YMMV.
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RE[2]: What is the point...
by galvanash on Thu 27th Sep 2012 20:20 UTC in reply to "RE: What is the point..."
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I do have a sense of humor... That is why I'm complaining about this - it isn't funny. I like good satire - this is so bad it doesn't even resemble satire.

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RE[3]: What is the point...
by leppi on Thu 27th Sep 2012 20:36 in reply to "RE[2]: What is the point..."
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Ya, I agree -- It wasn't funny, or enlightening, or... anything else that satire usually is. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be honestly.

I guess humor is sometimes very specific.

I do think that this has been re-tweeted mostly because people thought this was an actual interview. (opinion)

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RE[4]: What is the point...
by ebasconp on Thu 27th Sep 2012 22:23 in reply to "RE[3]: What is the point..."
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Actually I DO prefer THIS Linus to the real one.

This Linus missed all the arrogance, all bashing to C++, Gnome, and all projects/companies/people that think different than him; and this Linus has a lot of injected humility that I really like.

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