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General Development As REBOL has been referenced several time on OSNews, I thought that some here may be interested to know that its author has announced that REBOL will be open-sourced. The R3 source code will most likely be released under the GPLv2 license.
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REBOL is fairly dead.
by henderson101 on Fri 28th Sep 2012 09:53 UTC
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The time has come for REBOL to be released as open source. This is the only way I can see it regaining some degree of momentum and renewed interest -- not just within our REBOL community, but for many yet-to-be users who possess the curiosity or motivation to learn new and powerful programming concepts and techniques.

This speaks volumes.

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REBOL is fairly dead.
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 28th Sep 2012 17:40 in reply to "REBOL is fairly dead."
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Its an odd duck that hasn't really taken off, no doubt about it. But, I have to commend Carl's decision to unleash it open source. Gives us strange people an opportunity to examine the whole paradigm.

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REBOL is fairly dead.
by Mrokii on Fri 28th Sep 2012 22:23 in reply to "REBOL is fairly dead."
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Can only agree. Rebol has been around for how long? 15 years maybe? Does anybody care if it is open sourced by now? I really can't remember the details of Rebol but I know I've had a look at it more than once and never found anything that looked even remotely interesting our outstanding to me.

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REBOL is fairly dead.
by henrikmk on Sun 30th Sep 2012 21:32 in reply to "REBOL is fairly dead."
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Even though not many use it, some people depend on it for their daily job, including me, and REBOL3's development is currently at a dead end.

Open sourcing it is something that has been requested for a long, long time, due to a slower and slower development pace and it will be deeply appreciated to finally get the bugs fixed and see some movement again.

However, while it's getting open sourced now, the open source alternative Red is gaining momentum and is being developed intensely at a much faster pace than REBOL3 ever was.

I expect there will be some competition between the two until one of them finally takes over, which I expect will be Red.

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