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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Today is a great day for Open webOS. We have completed our initial roadmap and are releasing Open webOS 1.0 on schedule, as promised." The only use they mention in a video of WebOS running on a TouchSmart? Hotel kiosks. Sigh.
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by gloucestershrubhill on Mon 1st Oct 2012 02:20 UTC
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It's probably a good thing you've not been too exposed to WebOS. Like BeOS, it's the sort of thing that hooks you and is difficult to shake. Using any mobile system these days that's not WebOS seems like shoving my fist into a blender. Sure, the app selection's crap, but it's the only mobile system that genuinely makes me happy every time I use it. If Open WebOS amounts to anything, no matter how humble, it won't be a waste of that genius. Blackberry knows it was genius. Google knows it was genius. It's just a shame HP didn't have the balls to carry it through the darker times.

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