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General Development "The ObjectScript is a new programing language that mixes benefits of JavaScript, Lua, and PHP. The ObjectScript has syntax from JavaScript, multiple results from Lua, OOP from PHP and much more."
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Language Generator
by Brendan on Mon 1st Oct 2012 04:31 UTC
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Someone should build a "scripting language generator" web site; where you can click on some checkboxes to select the features you want, click on some more checkboxes to select syntax style, then enter the new names for keywords (for do, while, for, etc). Once done, you'd click the big submit button at the bottom and it'd generate the interpreter and documentation. That way people who create a new language for no reason (except for giving other programmers the extra hassle of learning yet another pointlessly different syntax) can quickly get to the "reinventing libraries" stage.

With any luck, millions of people would use the scripting language generator to create millions of new languages; and then programmers will never be able to understand source code written by anyone else ever again, and will waste their entire lives just learning new languages without ever finding time to write any code.

- Brendan

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RE: Language Generator
by Lennie on Mon 1st Oct 2012 12:21 in reply to "Language Generator"
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There is a whole lot of framework you can use to create your-own-language2javascript generators:

That seems to be "everyone" favorite past time ?

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