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General Development "The ObjectScript is a new programing language that mixes benefits of JavaScript, Lua, and PHP. The ObjectScript has syntax from JavaScript, multiple results from Lua, OOP from PHP and much more."
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RE[4]: Comment by some1
by some1 on Tue 2nd Oct 2012 05:46 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by some1"
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I did not find any mentions of destructors, and the syntax to construct an object is different (PHP uses new keyword, OS doesn't), so I presume you just mean that constructor function is called __construct. That wouldn't be the first time lua-based object model calls it that. E.g.,332.msg2370.html#msg237...

On the other hand, compare this section of lua documentation to OS page:

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RE[5]: Comment by some1
by lucas_maximus on Tue 2nd Oct 2012 07:34 in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by some1"
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I didn't see the destructor.

But the syntax looked similar enough for me to mistake them to be the same.

Fair point though.

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