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General Development "Everyone seems to have a replacement for JavaScript - Google even has two. Now Microsoft has revealed that Anders Hejlsberg has been working on a replacement and it has released a preview of TypeScript. TypeScript is open source - Apache 2.0 license - and a superset of JavaScript. As you would expect from a Hejlsberg language it incorporates type checking, interfaces and lots of syntactic sugar."
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RE: Lots of work; little gain
by ssokolow on Tue 2nd Oct 2012 10:09 UTC in reply to "Lots of work; little gain"
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Dart has languished because Google is too much in control of it. Maybe we have learnt something from Java after all. Coffeescript has done fairly well because it's not controlled by a big corp. That still doesn't make Coffeescript a good idea, but we need to learn from its success.

It also doesn't help that Google has stated, from the beginning, that translating to Javascript is a crutch and their goal is to get a native Dart runtime in the browser.

That got people's backs up on the WebKit mailing list and they refused to merge Google's patches because they don't want another VBScript.

If we ever get native support for something like CoffeeScript, it'll be because everyone was using it anyway with no intent to have native browser support but in a way that makes it possible (eg. similar to how Protovis supports a custom type="" attribute on script tags) and then some developer realized they could get better performance using a custom VM.

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