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Apple "Apple has changed its iOS developer guidelines, adding a clause (on September 12, a source tells me) that reads: 'Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected.' That's a change that could have wide-reaching effects, especially on promotion models that offer developers a paid top slot on app recommendation offerings like FreeAppADay, Daily App Dream and more." Weird clause. Doesn't really seem to address any issue I can think of.
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It will take a little longer for the bubble to burst.

New problems with the iPhone 5 are cropping up daily even on CNN. Issues with Wireless and data overage charges from carriers, the mea culpa on the mapping program, and now this new policy are only the latest.

It will take a bit of time for the consumer market push to purchase the new 'toy' to be counter-balanced by the reality of the changes occurring before the stock market analysts see a problem and begin to downgrade APPL. Then, I would give it about 6 months to a year, the market correction begins.

Agreed - assuming that Blackberry has turned the corner with Blackberry 10, Windows Phone 8 becomes a real competitor and Android lifts it's quality game then it'll be a war on multiple fronts for Apple to which they'll come out worse off. As for their computer side - will be interesting to see once the iPhone slows whether the hallow effect from the iPhone results in a slow down in growth of their computer business. I know for me I've left the Mac world because they've more or less killed off anything that would make it a serious alternative to Windows outside of the consumer space thus I wouldn't be surprised if there is a knock on effect.

I don't wish for doom or gloom towards Apple but I can't shake this feeling that maybe with the share price at where it is today that maybe expectations are far to high and completely unrealistic when compared to the fundamentals on the ground. The reality is that the Apple model can only grow so big and as noted by a linked news article regarding Android - people are going for Android because it offers more variety. It is the variety that enables people to choose and customise where as Apple's strength as well as weakness is its limited range and with a limited range comes a limited amount of the market share one can obtain before no matter how hard you may market the customer just doesn't want it because it doesn't have what they want. In the case of me it wouldn't matter how deep they discount or how good the carrier plans are because the simple fact is that I want a bigger screen and the Samsung Galaxy S3 delivers where Apple can't or won't.

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