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Windows Paul Allen, one of Microsoft's co-founders who left the company long ago, has posted on his blog about his experiences with Windows 8. He (surprise) likes it, but he does note a number of shortcomings and oddities - all of which are spot-on. However, he fails to address the core issue with Windows 8: it's forcing users to drill a small hole in the wall with a belt sander.
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RE: No
by dnebdal on Thu 4th Oct 2012 08:30 UTC in reply to "No"
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Mind you, gnome3 isn't actually aimed at tablets, and isn't really a touch OS. It doesn't even ... support touch usage, unless you pretend it's mouse input.
(With the caveat that I might be wrong - this is from memory.)

I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse.

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RE[2]: No
by sicofante on Thu 4th Oct 2012 17:09 in reply to "RE: No"
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Actually Unity would be terrible on tablets too. It really shines in keyboard use. But the meme that Gnome Shell and Unity are designed for tablets won't stop overnight. There's just too many people that love repeating it again and again, wihout even having approached both desktops. Sigh...

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RE[2]: No
by terrakotta on Thu 4th Oct 2012 20:42 in reply to "RE: No"
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Considering it's a copy paste from webos, GNOME 3 most certainly is a touch interface. Actually if microsoft was so worried to get a unified look and feel they'd only need to copy webos too, considering the cards view is a dumbed down windows view. While I applaud them for wanting to try something really really new, the windows or card paradigm actually works quite well. The windows snap functions are really usefull and a good systemtray and taskbar can do miracles. Just to say, MS does not need a new interface, they could have gone with a les disturbing evolution of their old one, retaining the connection with their power users and attracting new users to tablets and phones.

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