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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "Oracle today announced Oracle Solaris 11.1, delivering over 300 new performance and feature enhancements to the Oracle Solaris 11 product family." This stuff goes way over my head.
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Stanislaw Lem
by Gestahlt on Fri 5th Oct 2012 08:36 UTC
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That news means more work for me. I do Solaris deployments on a daily basis. Its basically my bread and butter. I think Solaris 11 is just the SRU 10.5 now to 11 and integrated but i havent seen any changes in the ISO files so it might be not yet released.

As for the OS itself.. i hated it at first but got to like it. The good stuff (Network bonding, ZFS, COMSTAR) is the most easiest thing to do. A few things like ipadm and such were a bit hard to get used to, but all in all its a very good unix. 11 is quite a improvement over 10 and since i only work with the newest Oracle / SUN Hardware i couldnt care less about the dropped support and seriously: About time you drop all the bloated legacy hacks and start somewhere from scratch. Linux did the same with my beloved Hardware (Like the fritz card b1 and its hard to get it working in any recent kernel).

Oh BTW, if you want a nice alternative to Fishworks (Basically a GUI to ZFS NAS based on Solaris) you might want to try Napp-it. It works also with SPARC.

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