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Windows Paul Allen, one of Microsoft's co-founders who left the company long ago, has posted on his blog about his experiences with Windows 8. He (surprise) likes it, but he does note a number of shortcomings and oddities - all of which are spot-on. However, he fails to address the core issue with Windows 8: it's forcing users to drill a small hole in the wall with a belt sander.
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RE: No, Thom...
by quackalist on Sat 6th Oct 2012 00:45 UTC in reply to "No, Thom..."
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Can't stand the formally known as Metro dead weight but did wonder why most of the apps didn't actually function well...apparently Microsoft thought so too, so

Microsoft spruces up crap apps in early Win8 update

Hopefully that will improve things for those using FNAM, though why they'd want to...

Pity really, as there's enough goodness in the latest Win 7 SP to warrant an upgrade at the 'cheapish' price.

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