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Apple Beautiful video tribute and written message from Tim Cook regarding Steve Jobs, who passed away one year ago today.
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I get it
by rimzi on Sun 7th Oct 2012 10:35 UTC
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It's futile to argue with Thom as he really seems not to understand the difference between copying and stealing, Pablo style.

When you copy, then you create a thing that is indistinguishable from the original, usually you do that without any innovation, inspiration, knowing the "why" and etc. It's plagiarism.

When you steal, Pablo style, opposed to the usual sense of the word, you copy the innovation, inspiration, and knowing the "why" to create your own product.

It's copying the origin of the product, the idea, or part of it, not the product itself.

At least that's what I understood.

May Thom forgive me.

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RE: I get it
by MOS6510 on Sun 7th Oct 2012 11:15 in reply to "I get it"
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The quote has been explained quite a few times. I'm sure Thom and other Apple/Steve haters understand it, but they keep pretending they don't.

That's why Thom and others never discus it, instead replying with silly one liners or sidestepping it entirely.

It's sad that someone who claims to find it imporant we should know our history rewrites it simply because he hates a person and his company, although he did buy an iMac.

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RE[2]: I get it
by TM99 on Sun 7th Oct 2012 13:03 in reply to "RE: I get it"
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Except, Picasso never bloody well said that! That is revisionism and worship of Jobs at its best. It was T.S. Elliot who said something along those lines. Then Jobs uttered that it was Picasso, warped it to fit his need, and here we are today arguing over the content that he couldn't even get right.

Look, Jobs was a brilliant narcissist. He could say exactly what someone, anyone wanted to hear. He always had a justification for his behavior, good or bad, and said and did the opposite with regards to others. He 'copied' and 'innovated' on the shoulders of others. But god damned if any body else can do that with Apple.

The Reality Distortion Field is a part of the charm of a narcissist. Apple & Jobs said never would they produce a 7" iPad, yet here we are a month away from the production of one. It will be over-priced, shiny, and with the Apple logo something that all 'people' just have got to have. That is the legacy of Jobs, and what history will remember is not what Apple & Jobs gave but rather what a sociopathic CEO & his company took from the computing industry.

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RE[2]: I get it
by Mellin on Mon 8th Oct 2012 11:00 in reply to "RE: I get it"
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Appletroll calling everybody who doesn't bow down to steve jobs image an apple and steve jobs hater

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