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Apple Beautiful video tribute and written message from Tim Cook regarding Steve Jobs, who passed away one year ago today.
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RE[7]: I get it
by MOS6510 on Mon 8th Oct 2012 12:53 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: I get it"
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It's afternoon here, but never mind that.

I gave no opinion on whether Apple would/should do a smaller iPad. The only thing I did was put Steve's words in to context.

At the time, October 2010, he was right. Right now there is no 7" iPad. The only thing that is here is a rumor that they might announce once this month, 2 years later compared to 2010.

What a lot of anti-Apple folks predicted was that the large iPod touch would fail, this didn't happen.

You seem like a smart person, which makes it disappointing you continue to ignore arguments and use quotes out of context. If that what it takes to be "right" it almost always means you're not.

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RE[8]: I get it
by TM99 on Mon 8th Oct 2012 13:19 in reply to "RE[7]: I get it"
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I am not anti-Apple in whatever fantasy and emotional way that you believe. I have not posted here long so you can easily read my posts to glean that fact.

I am anti the behavior that Jobs legacy and Apple has produced and is producing. It is for very good reasons backed up by experience, time, observation, training, and yes, facts.

I ignore arguments only when they are not proper or rational. I do not take things out of context. It is you, as an example of someone who defends Apple, at seemingly all costs that seems to do this.

I am old enough to be patient and let time be my validation. Let's talk in 10 years and see if what I have stated is proven out to be factual and highly predictive of what will occur. If I am wrong, I will admit it. If you are wrong, will you?

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RE[9]: I get it
by MOS6510 on Mon 8th Oct 2012 14:47 in reply to "RE[8]: I get it"
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When it's about Apple you do seem to react mildly aggressive.

You replied to the Atari logo bloke that Steve Jobs said he wouldn't do a 7" iPad. The link you provided shows he didn't say he wouldn't do a small tablet, but he listed 6 reasons why the iPad would sell and others (mostly smaller ones) wouldn't. Of those reasons only 3 related to the screen size. The iPad succeeded and others didn't.

Now 2 years later technology advanced and Apple may release a smaller iPad. I don't see how this contradicts what happened or what was said 2 years ago.

Roman generals didn't spend any money on drones, planes, bombers, satelites, etc... and they were very right not to do so. Tech changes, now armies do spend money on those things.

A small iPad in 2010 wouldn't have had the resolution a small iPad in 2012 could have. Now the resolution is there, the GPU and CPU are there to power it, components are small enough for the right form factor. A 2010 iPad Mini would probably not have had the same success.

I think these are valid and logical arguments. There is no pro-Apple propaganda, Google slamming, Steve promoting.

The Steve Jobs worshipping you claim is overblown. Apple put up a small tribute and that was it. A number of sites ran a couple "a year on at Apple" articles. I didn't see people cry, light candles or show off Steve tatoos. It's a few days later and it already passed.

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