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Linux "F2FS is a new file system carefully designed for the NAND flash memory-based storage devices. We chose a log structure file system approach, but we tried to adapt it to the new form of storage. Also we remedy some known issues of the very old log structured file system, such as snowball effect of wandering tree and high cleaning overhead."
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RE: Bit vague
by WereCatf on Mon 8th Oct 2012 21:23 UTC in reply to "Bit vague"
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Apart from being informed Samsung is working on a new flash friendly file system I'm none the wiser. Why they bothered and how it works...just the basics would be nice , what's the point of news otherwise.

There is no in-depth explanation of the inner workings of F2FS yet, but I read somewhere that they mostly try to group writes together in order to avoid the drive having to do so many costly copy-on-writes. Also, it is to separate FTL from the filesystem so either one can be worked on independently unlike UBIFS and the like. The filesystem also apparently has a lot of options that can be tuned to match the specifics of the device in question better than what the pre-existing ones offer.

Alas, Samsung will provide us more details after they've presented F2FS on the Korean Linux-forums. According to the Linux-Kernel archives discussions there will be slides and performance benchmarks for us to see.

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