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Legal The failing US patent system is getting ever more mainstream - The New York Times is running a long and details piece on the failings of the system, especially in relation to the technology industry most of us hold so dearly. Most of the stuff in there isn't new to us - but there's two things in the article I want to highlight.
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are you reading your own shit right now?
by kristoph on Tue 9th Oct 2012 01:19 UTC
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This insipid sentiment is one you hear often from people who clearly have little to no experience with what the real world is like. Academics, lawyers, politicians, government officials, higher-ranking company executives - they live in a world where theory is more important than practice, or where millions and billions of dollars are just another set of zeros on a piece of paper.

So you, Thom, with no formal education or experience in law, business, technology, or anything even remotely related to the industry are competent to make this judgment call while the people who study this stuff, whose decisions make or break their constituencies and their companies, are not?

Seriously, dude, someone needs to learn to live in the 'real world' but this person your castigating is not on the top of the list.

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"I have no arguments to counter the article, so let's attack the author instead. That'll show 'm!"

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um being the little guy without money sprouting out his ass with an interest in the subject is not enough experience to realize he cant afford pursue his interest because of the great and vaunted patent system? How retarded are you to think this works for him? Your not the only one who can talk out his ass I can do it to! Oh and lets not forget how much extra credibility being insulting adds my arguments, atleast in your circles... But I will throw a word out there sycophant and an analogy that even a non formally trained person might get.
If your TV doesn't work do you need to be a TV repairman to tell you that? If a TV repairer tells you its working do you decide your vision no longer works and only see static when u look at it or think there an idiot and look for a new TV repairman.

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