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Apple The Verge reviews the iPod touch, and it's as good as ever. "This year's iPod touch is the best one ever, without question - Apple updated all the right things, and by giving the touch a big screen and good camera has made this mini tablet a more versatile device than ever. As a gateway drug into the iOS ecosystem, it does a great job of showing off all the iOS 6 features and apps, on a really solid piece of hardware. It's also a great way to get into the huge iOS ecosystem without putting an expensive data plan on your account - and thanks to iMessage, FaceTime, and Skype, there's a lot of communicating you can do just over Wi-Fi." The iPod touch rarely gets the spotlight, but I think it's actually one of the best and most clever products in Apple's portfolio. Not only is it simply a fantastic product, it also has zero competition. My best friend is pretty much in love with her iPod touch, and it gives her everything a smartphone has to offer without the burden of expensive contracts. For people like her, who do not want a smartphone and prefer a sturdy Nokia feature phone, the touch is a godsend.
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Bluetooth is locked down and now also the USB. You can't even sync it to a computer without the magic apple drm-ed cable. I'm only surprised that they allow analog audio.

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The cable is hardly DRM'd. The cable is proprietary, but it is not a DRM mechanism. iTunes is inconvenient, but iTunes match has removed iTunes from my sync regime completely.

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iTunes is inconvenient, but iTunes match has removed iTunes from my sync regime completely.

Good for you, but last I checked, iTunes Match won't help me with my collection of Audiobooks (all books I own and that have been hand-done into AAC with chapter marks at high quality by my own hand). And no, buying my books from Audible or the iTunes Store is not an option. I refuse to pay equal or higher prices for a product that is inferior in sound quality, not to mention that audiobooks are not included in the iTunes cloud re-downloadable list anyway. Nor will it help me with my collection of movies and tv shows (again, see above for why I won't purchase from iTunes). So unfortunately, for those who actually go outside of the iTunes store for non-musical content, we're still stuck with that monstrocity.

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