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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Does Android skew towards a younger demographic? The numbers might surprise you. According to comScore, 52.4% of all Android users are aged 35 years or older. That is five percentage points higher than the iPhone. Near 55% Android tablets users are also older than 35." How is this surprising? Younger people tend to be more brand-conscious, and there's no denying that the iPhone is still perceived as cooler than Android phones. Also note that the cited figures are for the US, Apple's strong home market. I think the figures will look very different for Europe.
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RE[9]: Umm... Duh?
by flypig on Thu 11th Oct 2012 08:30 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Umm... Duh?"
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Personally I am not that surprised that iPhone may be somewhat more popular than Android with young people

jared_wilkes is making a good point here, and it just goes to show how troublesome statistics can be.

The article points out that "47.2% of iPhone users are aged 35 years or older", while "52.4% of all Android users are aged 35 years or older".

However, in the the quarter before (I couldn't find data for Q3), Apple sold 26.0M units, whereas Samsung 50.4M, according to the following article:

Assuming the demonograhpics are the same across Android manufacturers for simplicity, this means Samsung sold in the region of 50.4 * 47.6% = 24M devices to the under 35s, whereas Apple sold 26.0 * 52.8% = 13.7M.

In other words, Samsung is outselling Apple in the younger demographic by a wide margin. The conclusion is that the iPhone isn't more popular than Android with young people.

I appreciate the comment I quoted was tagged at the end of a post that contained a lot of other relevant points besides. I'm afraid the exact phasing of your sentence just served to highlight the issue.

I do think jared_wilkes's point is worth emphasising though. The numbers are given in a very specific way, and are easy to misinterpret (probably I did too).

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