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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Sorry for linking to a long picture (why this isn't an article I don't know, but bear with me for a second), but this is an excellent overview of some of the crazy hardware experiments Nokia has performed during its golden years. For me, this is the best device Nokia ever made - and also, my personal best and favourite mobile phone I've ever owned. You hear people talking about how solid the iPhone 5 or the HTC One X feels? Fisher Price compared to the 8800. They don't make 'm like that no more.
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RE[4]: Comment by NuxRo
by MrWeeble on Thu 11th Oct 2012 12:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by NuxRo"
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Thinking about it, I don't recall seeing any marketing for anything other than the NGage here (The UK) either, but somehow they managed to be #1 for most of the decade. And that marketing was almost exclusively to gamers, trying to lure them from Nintendo and Sony rather than trying to lure phone users from Ericsson or Motorola

I think it just became the safe choice for most, like the old "no-one ever got fired for buying IBM" mantra, I think everyone who didn't want to take a risk on a new platform got a Nokia, knowing it would be easy to use. Perhaps this is what led to their downfall, not knowing how to market themselves to people to switch from whatever they were previously using, so once people began to switch to the new platforms (iOS and Android) they had no clue how to get them back.

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