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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Donating to software projects - or, more accurately, open source projects. It's hardly new, it's hardly rare, and I'm sure most of us have donated at some point. That's probably why Canonical has opened Ubuntu up for donations - but with a twist.
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RE[4]: Not donating to distros.
by spiderman on Thu 11th Oct 2012 12:40 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Not donating to distros."
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The failure is 100% dependant on the goals.
I believe Mandrake/Mandriva/Mageia is a success as they made the GNU/Linux/KDE stack work in a usable and integrated fashion with urpmi and MCC and random people can use it without deep knowledge and tweaking.
Ubuntu is a success as they made millions of people aware of GNU.
You should donate to projects you value the most. If your goal is to improve the user experience, donate ro upstream projects. If your goal is to improve visibility and knowledge of free software, donate to Ubuntu. If your goal is both, donate a little to each. And if you just don't care about it, donate to the red cross or whatever.

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Mandrake/Mandriva/Mageia was a success, sadly they did not manage to stay afloat.

Let's see how long Ubuntu stays afloat without Mark Shuttleworth's sponsoring.

I do buy/donate to my Linux distributions, I just wonder how many others really do so.

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If the goal is "big userbase", then yes, Ma* has failed when compared to other distros like Ubuntu. Ma* is still a success if the goal is "good user experience" when compared to other distros like Ubuntu.
You donate to your distro and I can only command you for that. I just want you to be aware that, while your distro probably does a good job at packaging and spreading the software, you should not forget that the user experience mostly come from upstream projects from the DE, the toolkits and up to the compiler. They are less visible but they too can use some donations.

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