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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Does Android skew towards a younger demographic? The numbers might surprise you. According to comScore, 52.4% of all Android users are aged 35 years or older. That is five percentage points higher than the iPhone. Near 55% Android tablets users are also older than 35." How is this surprising? Younger people tend to be more brand-conscious, and there's no denying that the iPhone is still perceived as cooler than Android phones. Also note that the cited figures are for the US, Apple's strong home market. I think the figures will look very different for Europe.
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RE[2]: Welcome to OS News
by ezraz on Thu 11th Oct 2012 18:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Welcome to OS News"
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how is it "pathological" to have the same rig for years?

iphone users run those things ragged for years. here's what my friends and family with iphones run:

2 with a 3S
4 with a 4
5 with a 4S
0 with a 5 (as of this morning)

you don't upgrade in the states until your contract lets you. almost no one buys a phone 'unlocked' (unsubsidized) over here, not brand new.

the thing that continually gets ignored on this site is build quality and overall comfort/reliability. apple customers keep their gear for years, not months, and never just a few days like other products. this is because they are happy with it and too busy to play around with 5 knockoffs.

every other reason stated regarding cult behavior or "fanboy" ing, whatever the hell that means, is frustrated babble. some of us have trusted apple rigs for years, even when they were just another dying computer company.

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