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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Donating to software projects - or, more accurately, open source projects. It's hardly new, it's hardly rare, and I'm sure most of us have donated at some point. That's probably why Canonical has opened Ubuntu up for donations - but with a twist.
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Donate to a millionaire's pet project!
by ze_jerkface on Thu 11th Oct 2012 19:40 UTC
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Help fund it until he gets bored and moves on!

Shuttleworth ignored all the feedback over Unity and deserves his new #3 spot on Distrowatch.

Don't feel bad Linux fans, Microsoft is about to pull a Unity with Windows 8.

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Ubuntu & Unity are doing very fine in the only statistic around that is anywhere near dependable:

(and in fact, Ubuntu is doing two orders of magnitude better than the "first" and "second" distro on the meaningless Distrowatch ranking)

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