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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Donating to software projects - or, more accurately, open source projects. It's hardly new, it's hardly rare, and I'm sure most of us have donated at some point. That's probably why Canonical has opened Ubuntu up for donations - but with a twist.
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RE[4]: But why Ubuntu?
by Morgan on Thu 11th Oct 2012 22:32 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: But why Ubuntu?"
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Glad to see someone from your generation with a genuine appreciation for good software. ;)

Honestly, I think if I had slaved away at it long enough I could have gotten Red Hat (or Corel or whatever I was trying to run at the time) to install properly. But those distros just seemed so obtuse and Slackware was much more straightforward.

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RE[5]: But why Ubuntu?
by HappyGod on Mon 15th Oct 2012 08:02 in reply to "RE[4]: But why Ubuntu?"
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I actually remember getting Red Hat (v3 I think) to work on my P3. A mate of mine had downloaded via dial-up using this download manager that would reconnect whenever it dropped out (and it did. A lot). Took days, as I recall.

Neither of us had ever seen linux before, let alone installed it, and I remember it being an absolute nightmare. Might not have helped that we were both quite stoned back then, and being high didn't really help with figuring out how the XF86Config monitor settings worked! ;-)

Amazing satisfaction at the end of it though, and it was definitely one of the experiences that I will always remember that got me totally hooked on computers.

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