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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's a long read - but totally and utterly worth it. After interviewing ten former and current Nokia employees, and combining their insider information with publicly available information, Sampsa Kurri has written a long and detailed article about the history of Maemo and MeeGo within Nokia, and everything that went wrong - which is a lot. It's sad tale, one that reads almost like a manual on how to not run a large company. Still, between the bad decisions and frustrations, there's a red thread of hope that leads to Jolla.
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All I have is the WiMax (US Sprint) N810
by tomz on Fri 12th Oct 2012 22:08 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by ukki"
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I used to use it on my Harley Davidson Motorcycle - the orange/black matched ;) .

The only problem is that Sprint/WiMax was only then available in Chicago, Las Vegas and may be a few other US Cities.

I used a Novatel Mifi on Verizon instead.

But it was an incredible device.

Except for an update it could do Flash video chat! (I wrote a software shim to enable it). Skype - video calls. Flash in the browser. In 2007-8!

I still have both the WiMax and original N810, and the N800. They are so incredibly good.

The N900 added a phone but took away a few things. The N9 won awards. The N950 adds QWERTY so could have blown away almost everything else other than a few things like Droids with QWERTY (Blackberry has that!).

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