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Apple Surprise, surprise - Apple, by default, tracks web browsing behaviour and location to better serve you ads. You have to specifically opt out of this tracking per individual iOS device that you own. Now we know why Apple has no problem with turning on 'Do Not Track' and not accepting tracking cookies by default: it has no effect on them whatsoever, because iOS 6 has its own independent user tracking mechanisms. Unlike what the Apple pundits claim, it's got nothing to do with respect for user privacy at all. Well paint me red and call me a girl scout: company selling ads tracks user behaviour. Shocker, huh?
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Blatant abuse
by Tractor on Sun 14th Oct 2012 23:30 UTC
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So, to tell it in my own words :
Apple's Safari blocks all those "evil" tracking cookies from ad companies (such as, ow, Google) in order to "save user privacy".
That leads to official communication from Apple, for good measure.
That in turns leads to Google getting sued by ITC for circumventing the cookie mechanism, on behalf of all thoses users which privacy has been raped (ouh ! bad Google, bad !) with record-setting fine.

Oh, and by the way, while all other ad agencies are blocked from tracking you, Apple's own iAd agency does track you. But, that's all so much better, because thanks to the tracking, you'll get "more refined" ad, instead of random annoying ones. Yeah, don't lament about user privacy, this is so "passé".
For this fact, obviously, there was no communication from Apple. Useless, really, who care ?

However, if you are among the most aware people on Earth, you may be able to turn off the iAd tracking option within some obscure menu hidden within a multi-click window no one ever drags on the screen. But the option is there. So Apple is safe : it gives users choice.

Choice to be tracked by Google (off by default).
Choice to not be tracked by Apple (on by default).
Btw, even if you turn off "Apple tracker", you are still tracked. It's just not used by iAd, just to make you feel safe.

Is it me, or i just don't get how ITC is not suing Apple for this practice in the name of user interest ?
And why Google is not attacking Apple for blatant monopolist practice ?
Microsoft got scrutinized for something equivalent. So why is Apple once again getting "special favor" here ?

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