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Microsoft Microsoft's first Surface television advertisement debuted last night in the US. Apparently, it's for an iPad keyboard that makes a clicking sound. Honestly - I have no idea what non-techies are supposed to take home from this.
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They seem to be making a big deal about the detachable keyboard, and nothing else. I suppose Microsoft haven't seen the Asus Transformer.

It would appear that even Microsoft's own marketing department can't see anything about the device so new or innovative that it'd be worth touting about to the general populace, nothing special to draw their attention to or awaken their fascination and interest towards the device with. When even your own marketing department can't find something to focus on and with which to sell the object to your clients you're kind of, well, in a not-so-promising situation.

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Couldn't they spend the commercial showing off all the cool apps that developers have been working o- Oh that's right, WHAT APPS?

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