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Windows Casey Muratori dissects the consequences of Windows 8's closed distribution model. "But how realistic is the assumption that the Windows desktop will still be a usable computing platform in the future? And what would be the consequences were it to disappear, leaving Windows users with only the closed software ecosystem introduced in Windows 8? To answer these questions, this volume of Critical Detail examines the immediate and future effects of Microsoft's current certification requirements, explores in depth what history predicts for the lifespan of the classic Windows desktop, and takes a pragmatic look at whether an open or closed ecosystem would be better for Microsoft as a company." The section that details how none - none - of this year's greatest games (or last year's fantastic Skyrim) and only one of this year's Emmy-nominated TV shows pass Microsoft's rules sent chills down my spine.
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RE: So long, Windows.
by darknexus on Tue 16th Oct 2012 18:09 UTC in reply to "So long, Windows."
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While I have been a Windows user over 20+ year, I am so utterly tired of the lack of refinement in the GUI. This is proverbial final nail in the coffin. I am flipping Microsoft the bird and choosing Mac OS X.

Fcuk this, I'm done.

From an open/closed perspective, you're no better off supporting Apple than Microsoft. However, I suspect both Windows and OS X are in the same situation. Both companies would love to close them completely off, but simply won't be able to do so without losing 99% of their business customers. I certainly hope that Apple won't be able to close off OS X like iOS, because I absolutely love OS X and really don't have an alternative. At least, so far, Apple has known where to draw the line in both closing by default (Gatekeepr) and not to tabletify (if that's not a word, I just coined it) their os too much. What features they have merged into OS X from iOS have actually been mostly complete and well thought out and, from both a keyboard and mouse perspective, OS X is simply a pleasure to use in my opinion. I'm sticking with OS X as long as possible, the nice GUI coupled with the Mach/BSD underpinnings is perfect for me. As long as Apple doesn't go the Metro route, and keeps their os locked down to exactly how it is now, I'll be happy for a good long while. Now, if only they'd open iOS up to the OS X level: yeah, it's a pipe dream, but I can dream right?

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