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Windows Casey Muratori dissects the consequences of Windows 8's closed distribution model. "But how realistic is the assumption that the Windows desktop will still be a usable computing platform in the future? And what would be the consequences were it to disappear, leaving Windows users with only the closed software ecosystem introduced in Windows 8? To answer these questions, this volume of Critical Detail examines the immediate and future effects of Microsoft's current certification requirements, explores in depth what history predicts for the lifespan of the classic Windows desktop, and takes a pragmatic look at whether an open or closed ecosystem would be better for Microsoft as a company." The section that details how none - none - of this year's greatest games (or last year's fantastic Skyrim) and only one of this year's Emmy-nominated TV shows pass Microsoft's rules sent chills down my spine.
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RE: ReactOS - cloning XP
by tomz on Tue 16th Oct 2012 21:55 UTC in reply to "ReactOS"
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XP has drivers, everything supports it, it isn't complex.

It has security holes, but rewriting it should patch them. Then people like Steve Gibson and I will simply switch to that and leave the Windows Bitrot entirely.

Or there's WINE under Linux ;) .

It will probably fail but be long and drawn-out. Microsoft doesn't have an ecosystem, but a series of isolated islands. And archipeligo. The Zune players couldn't run Xbox stuff, which can't run PC stuff, which can run Win8/ARM stuff.

Google/Android has players (Philips/Samsung), Phones (everybody), Tablets (almost everyone), all mostly can share apps even across versions wider than iOS2-6. They have ChromeBooks and the desktop but stuff is in the cloud but is accessed like a filesystem.

Apple is similar, though less desktop-filesystem legacy.

Microsoft is a mess with lots of isolated bits with few bridges.

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