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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Things ain't going well for Nokia. Their quarterly results are - again - a disaster, and Lumia sales have dropped 28% (50% if you look at just the US). Windows Phone 8 is really going to be a make-it-or-break-it kind of thing. If it doesn't go well, the company might consider going back to focussing on rubber boots.
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RE: Comment by smashIt
by butters on Thu 18th Oct 2012 13:43 UTC in reply to "Comment by smashIt"
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Why should Microsoft buy Nokia? They seem perfectly capable and surprisingly eager to run their own industrial design shop and deal directly with the contract manufacturers like Apple does.

Microsoft doesn't want the Lumia brand to subsume the Windows brand. If they can't much buy-in from the other handset vendors, then they'll just go vertical instead.

It's time for Nokia to make their next desperate platform misstep. For example, Yahoo poached Google's SVP of mobile location services and made her their new CEO, so they might be looking for a handset partner that isn't joined at the hip to Android. If there's anyone desperate enough to bet on Yahoo making a dramatic recovery, it's Nokia.

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RE[2]: Comment by smashIt
by cdude on Fri 19th Oct 2012 04:59 in reply to "RE: Comment by smashIt"
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They not will go vertical but already went vertical. The Surface Tablet and the Surface Phone (later not official confirmed yet but an amazing amount of leaks giving the impression MS itself leaked the informations) are reality.

Microsoft is not stupid and they not went all in with Nokia. They took the presents, hoped Nokia helps them but after it turned out Nokia does not Microsoft moved on to plan B.

Nokia has nothing of interest left, has nothing to offer, no plan B and no perspective. That company is done.

Question stays if the news that Nokia may done in one year, what means WP8 Lumia will only be supported 3/4 year in maximum, makes the situation even more worse. As customer, partner, developer I would rather wait and see what happens before committing anything to a soon to be gone Nokia. I think I am not alone there. Funeral.

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RE[2]: Comment by smashIt
by enx23 on Sat 20th Oct 2012 11:56 in reply to "RE: Comment by smashIt"
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As samshlt wrote Elop has done a good job at Nokia. Elop deserves a bonus for it!

Microsoft does not need to buy Nokia! All Microsoft needs from Nokia is its patent portofolio which now/soon Microsoft will buy it super cheap! After this Microsoft will sue the hell out of Android/Samsung/HTC/Google and there will be another vector of attack against Android from Microsoft (beside Apple).

Large companies like Motorola, Nokia, Samsung will sell their patent portofolio only and only IF they are on their knees and on verge of bankrupcy. Microsoft needs desperatly a large&solid patent portofolio in mobile arena in order to be able to push better Windows (and destroy Android). For this Microsoft chose Nokia and it sucked it blood out of it using the Trojan horse called Elop.

Indeed it might be that after Android is "crippled" in patent war (Microsoft vs Android; Apple vs Android) that Windows will emerge as no 2 in mobile area but in order this to happen Nokia must die and Microsoft must buy its patent portofolio and many years will pass. I really hope that this scenario will not become true and Nokia will fire very soon Elop and concentrate more on Meego/Android!

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