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Windows After yesterday's TV advertisement, Microsoft finally unveiled the pricing for its Surface tablet - the ARM Windows RT version that is. The cheapest Surface - 32GB without touch cover - will set you back $499. They're aiming straight for iPad pricing here, ignoring the popular cheaper Android offerings. Update: only available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States. As usual.
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RE[4]: The Empire Strikes Back
by Alfman on Thu 18th Oct 2012 17:40 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: The Empire Strikes Back"
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"We won't know until later. I suspect those who have bought them do."

Sorry, I don't mean to be obtuse: do what?

I might eventually have to buy one myself, but it'll be because it's what my clients are using rather than what I want to use. Developers are in a unique position here, and anyways I suspect that it will be a long time before my clients start demanding metro apps.

Windows 8 OS itself without metro bundled in seems like a decent technical upgrade from 7 for the desktop, but there's not much controversy worth talking about there ;)

I could even see myself springing for a windows 8/linux dual boot ARM tablet if it weren't for this damned no-linux-here policy ms is enforcing against manufacturers.

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Do know that it only runs Win RT programs.

People don't expect the iPad to run Mac Programs.

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People don't expect the iPad to run Mac Programs.

I'd say that's mostly because an iPad doesn't have the same name as, say, Macbook Air. I've had several people asking how to get this or that game or application on their phone, because "it clearly says it needs this windows and I have windows on my phone, see?!" while waving their CD or DVD in the air. I may have just met the really obtuse ones, but some luddites just don't see the difference between one Windows and another Windows. Apple has better naming-scheme here, with similar names that are easy enough to remember, but distinctive enough to tell them apart.

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